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A referee is commonly known as “ref.”. They are the authority who is responsible for running a basketball match from a neutral point of view. They keep a close eye on the game and make sure that the players are following the rules. Moreover, they have thorough knowledge about basketball and are in charge of the game.

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Referee Roles And Responsibilities. Referees have lots of responsibilities in a basketball game. Check all game equipment (i.e. hoop, ball, backboard, floor) Check the pressure of the ball between 7.5 pounds and 8.5 pounds; Check player's uniforms and remove illegal equipment; Checking team roster size and the active list; Toss the ball in jump balls

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A basketball referee is responsible for keeping the game moving. When a player or coach calls for a timeout, the official must acknowledge it and order the clock to stop. The official will keep track of the length of the timeout and restart play when the timeout has expired.

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Specific responsibilities of basketball referees include calling fouls and administering and enforcing changes of possessions or free throws. The authority of referees includes calling unsportsmanlike conduct penalties, player or coach ejections, or even calling a forfeit of the game in certain circumstances.

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The Role of the Referee Pregame. At any level of basketball the referees have some responsibilities that take place before the game begins. They must make sure every uniform is worn correctly and no violations on this front are visible. Also, they will inspect the court, hoops, and game ball to make sure that it is sufficient and ready to be played with and on.

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Manages the delivery of the operations of the basketball programme. Competition and Events Coordinator. Responsible for the planning and then physical delivery of the basketball programme.

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Before the ball is even tipped, basketball officials have a number of different duties to make sure everything is in order for the start of the game. Referees check the different equipment used in the game, including the ball to make sure it's properly inflated, the playing surface and baskets to make sure there are no hazards to players during the game.

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ball, therefore they must inform the other officials if the basket counts or not. Movement and Rotation Since basketball is played on a 94 foot long by 50 foot wide court, the 3-Person Officiating System involves different movements and rotations to keep officials in the proper position to make the correct call.