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bump pass. What Is The Definition Of Bump Pass In Volleyball? 1. This is a method of passing or setting the ball up to a teammate by joining the forearms together, extending your arms in front of you, and bumping the ball off of them in an underhand manner. Examples Of How Bump Pass Is Used In Commentary. 1.

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The bump, professionally known as a pass, is the most basic and most essential skill in volleyball. The bump is used to hit a ball that is below the head, or at your platform as most volleyball players would call it, and is typically used as the first touch to receive a serve or to receive a hard driven hit.

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A Pass in volleyball, also called a Bump or a Reception, is the attempt by a team to properly handle the opponent’s serve or any form of attack. Proper Passes include preventing the ball from touching the floor, and also making it reach a position where the setter is standing quickly and precisely.

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If your thumbs are lined up, you will have a flat passing area. If your hands are not lined up, this will make accurate passing much more difficult to execute. In addition to lining up your hands, your elbows should be straight in order to help increase your accuracy.

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To pass or bump a volleyball, you need to make sure you're in ready position with your knees bent, weight on your toes and ready to move forward. Pass a voll...

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bUMPING/PASSING. Passing is the foundation of volleyball as it is how you will deliver an effective attack and it is one of the most important skills of volleyball. The bump is the method of passing that is used when the ball is below the head and is typically the first touch of the three contacts. When the ball is above the head, most players will pass with a set.

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Check out these 3 individual juggling drills to warm up and pratice the bump pass.To learn about attacking, go to our next video.Visit here : https://www.sik...

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The underhand pass in volleyball has a common nickname… The bump pass. Also known as the forearm pass, it’s one of the key skills to learn as a young volleyball player. A great bump passer can get the ball to a very select target and choose from a variety of trajectories to get it there. Imagine being able to bump a volleyball into a basketball hoop from anywhere on the court…